Our AMAZING Coaches


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Maria Velissaris
CEO at SteelSky Ventures
Vicki Zhou
Co-Founder/Co-CEO of WiseBanyan​
Chantel Waterbury
Founder/Former CEO, Chloe + Isabel
Robin Hafitz
Founder & CEO of Open Mind Strategy
Aquila Leon-Soon
Chief Executive Officer of Advance Talent Solutions
Heather Willems
 Co-Founder/CEO, ImageThink
Christina Hagopian
CEO & Creative Director Hagopian Ink
Eloise Bune
Founder/CEO, Handwriting.io
Leslie Grossman
Co-Founder, Women's Leadership Exchange
Kristi Faulkner
President of Womenkind
Michelle Madhok
 Founder of shefinds.com
Maria Emma
CEO of EmbroidMe
Samantha Di Gennaro
Founder/CEO, DiGennaro PR
Phyllis Dealy
Co-Founder of Woods, Witts, Dealy & Sons
Sarah Endline
Founder/CEO/Chief Rioter of SweetRiot
Stephanie Abrams Cartin
Co-Founder of SocialFly
Alana Winter
CEO-Founder of Stiletto Spy School
Lauren Boyer
CEO of Underscore Marketing
Stacy Cohen
President & CEO, Co-Communications
Courtney Spritzer
Co-Founder of SocialFly
Mona Patel
CEO of Motivate Design
Wendy Lieber
Founder of Content Bacon
Rachel Renock
CEO, Wethos
Daniella Koren
Founder/CEO, Arches
Serena Saitas
Global Brand Strategist, REAL
Natalie Mackey
CEO, Glow Concept
Kristen Jones Miller
Co-Founder, Mented Cosmetics
Sarah Carson
Founder & CEO, Leota New York
Erika Szychowski
Founder, Good Zebra
Gloria Pitagorsky
Partner/Managing Director, Heard City